This will be the page where you will find the information for the BOSAS(Business Office Support and Administrative Services) program.

The BOSAS program is a three year program that will enable students to master the Microsoft Office programs and the workings/responsibilites you find in ANY business setting. The program will prepare them to step into the business world as an owner, manager, or employee with a marketable skill set that can be used directly out of school or continued to be developed in a secondary school arena.

In addittion to the functional skill set that will be taught I will do my best to impart to my students the realities of life and the business world that I have seen in my 25 years as a bank manager. I like to think of that portion of the class as "REALITY 101". I will do my best to help the students understand what awaits them when they leave the protected walls of the school enviornment including but not limited to family budgeting, retirement planning, insurance, credit, office politics and anything I think might help them in the real world.

As a student in the BOSAS program the students are able to be part of FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America). FBLA is program that allows students to refine business skills to a level where they can compete in local, regional, and even national competitions. Mingus has a proud history of FBLA success and I hope to reestablish that level of success. I will add links to this page as the FBLA chapter develops.

I am excited to have he oppertunity to bring the business curriculum back to Mingus,

Monday 8/13/2018

This week we will begin working on the Word text book completing chapters 1 and 2 and spend a few minutes daily on the lessons.