Welcome to CAD 1!!! This is the first of  4 CAD classes available to you at Mingus. In this introductory class you will be intorduced to the amazing world of Computer Assisted Drawing and the career oppertunities that are available with these skills. In addition we will discuss and explore some of the basic "Life Skills" that will be needed as you leave school and enter the working world. It is exciting to have you as a student and I am looking forward to a FUN and productive year. I will update this website with assignments, news and events...check back often!!!

Monday 10/16/2017

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a good fall break. This week we will continue oiur work on multi view drawings and our use of the hidden line. Drawings 6-52,6-54,6-55,6-73,6-74,6-75,6-76 have bgeen assigned.